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You Should Remember These Things To Stay Healthy In Summers

Summers are here the temperature is rising day by day and making our body asking for nourishments that will adjust our eating regiments and keep our vitality level stable. The greater part of us feels they got dried out and low on vitality in such atmosphere. In March the weather is so hot and burning our bodies so the temperature in May should be expected to be intolerable.



We have to be extra cautious for our health. In summers, the body gets badly dehydrated and the dryness leads to skin that is wrinkle prone, less elastic and allergic to various problems. So, it’s a good idea to keep the skin and body hydrated by consuming moisture rich fruits and vegetables and lots of water and other coolants.

  • What to eat…
  1. Many fruits and vegetables such as watermelon, muskmelon, cucumber, gourds, tomatoes green leafy vegetables etc. have high moisture content in them.


Not only that we should eat plenty of green leafy vegetables like spinach, fenugreek, lettuce, cabbage, mint etc., but also sprouts, cucumbers, bottle gourds, ridge gourds, ash gourds, amla, mushroom, tomatoes and fluids such as plain water, fresh juices (unsweetened), lassi (unsweetened), lemon juice with a bit of honey, tender coconut water, green tea, herbal tea, vegetable juice, etc. These are not only refreshing but also nutritious and keep you cool.

Water is the best fluid that can be freely taken. We often forget to drink enough water due to our daily routine but we should ensure to drink 1-2 litres of water a day to prevent dehydration due to heat in summer. So, do not dry out as heat wave can wring you out before you know it!


  • What not to eat…

  1. Avoid foods that increase the thirst and body weight during summer because excess body weight can be more uncomfortable in summer.Foods like high-fat foods, fried foods, fatty meats, sugary eats like chocolates or beverages like alcohol, caffeine, tea, coffee, and cigarettes that deplete water from the body should be avoided as much as possible.

Also, one should minimise the intake of spicy, hot and extremely salty foods as they affect the skin adversely.

Certain protein-rich foods like eggs, the chicken should be avoided since it increases the metabolic heat production thus increasing the water loss leading to dehydration.


Other delicious drink for summer

Other than the more common coolants such as buttermilk or lassi, coconut water and fruit juices, there is a range of other excellent summer coolants that we can have to keep ourselves cool and hydrated in summer. They are ragi, kokum, than day, rose, banana, mogra sherbets, barley water with a dash of lime and the little sugar, jaljira, lemonade, sattu etc.

Kokum: (Mangosteen)

Kokam, which resembles a small, dark purple plum, is the fruit of a tropical evergreen tree (Garcinia indica) that grows only in India. Kokam is used in India as a souring agent like tamarind or amchur.


People should drink ‘thandai’ a milk-based drink made of almonds, khus khus (poppy seeds) fennel seeds, tulsi seeds, muskmelon seeds, rose petals and peppercorns. Most of the ingredients used in the making of thandai are coolants and have a soothing effect on the intestine. It is very filling and healthy.


Sattu is often called as poor man’s diet. Sattu can be a very palatable delicacy for all. It is generally extracted from barley, gram or wheat and is easily available. It provides energy instantaneously, checks heat strokes, quenches thirst and raises tolerance to beat the heat. Make a sherbet of sattu, fresh lemon juice, rock salt and roasted jeera.


Aam Panna

A traditional preparation of roasted or boiled raw mangoes. It helps in digestion and provides energy instantly. It prevents heat strokes, dehydration and dryness of mouth and tongue.


A super summer drink consisting of a blend of ingredients like cumin powder and mint as the main ingredients, keeps one refreshed and cool in the hot weather. It also aids in digestion and other related problems like colic pain, flatulence etc. It boosts the appetite and helps in bad breath.





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