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No Fear No Favour

You should reconsider eating eggs if you are fond of them. Fake plastic eggs were seized in Kolkata. Shopkeeper arrested.

Fake eggs are in the town. If you are a fitness freak and you consider eating eggs to meet your daily protein intake then you should think twice before you consume eggs next time.

Artificial plastic eggs were seized from a seller in Kolkata’s Tiljala area on Thursday after a woman complained about eggs which smelled of plastic upon cooking to the civic body and consumer affairs department.

The Civic body and the Police were prompt in taking action against it. Soon after the complained was filed Police arrested the shopkeeper Mohammed Shamin Ansari, seized the allegedly fake eggs and sent them for testing.

“One of my family members was complaining about uneasiness whenever she was having these eggs. We suspected something was wrong with the eggs because odour of plastic used to come out whenever we were cooking them,” the complainant was quoted saying.

‘I tested my suspicion by putting a match to it and it caught fire. The shell also looked plastic. This didn’t look natural’ Anita also added.

It is certainly not a good news coming from the city of Joy. The mass production of these fake plastic eggs ruined many meals in the city so far and can become a health issue if not restricted.

“I have heard about plastic eggs but never thought of seeing them in the city. We are taking a very cautious step and I have asked my officers to run a check at market places and poultry farms. ” Said Mayor of Kolkata Sovan Chatterjee.

The good thing is that Kolkata Municipal Corporation took this issue seriously and ordered an investigation on the same day itself. Though the reports are yet to come, such complaints should not be sidelined as it is directly related to people’s health.




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