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No Fear No Favour

You have never seen such cutest dog before ?

Who says only human beings are allowed to be an entrepreneur or sell products ?

Why can’t dogs replace that position?

As we all know dogs are one of the most loved pets in the world and they are known for their loyalty.

There is a little pup named Brus Griffin who works for Motor World and is offering the best deal for a car ride by saying, “Our prices are dangerously low because I can’t read.Should a dog be selling cars? Probably not. Come get yours today before the government catches wind of this and shuts us down!”

Feeling sorry for the burden of the job handed out to her? Don’t worry, Brus Griffin Motor World is an imaginary showroom, and Griffin is not a salesman. In fact, her real name is Gilda! She simply imitates different characters after her owner bought her a suit, tie and glasses. Flaunting the pup’s talent on Instagram, Steph captures videos and adds a voice-over to it.

Here are the videos and images of Gilda on Instagram posts :-



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