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“You call It Dehati,” Europe Is Selling These ‘Datun’ For Rs 267

When India and Indian’s are giving up on their traditional products, terming it as old fashioned and out-of-date, the world is now appreciating the value of the same. Right from implementing Yoga in their curricular to Dandiya workouts, everything has made its way into westerners’ lifestyle.

 Now, the other thing which had made Indian look ‘Dehati’ will soon be the everyday lifestyle of westerners’. Now, you will be wondering what that thing is. It’s ‘Daatun’. Yes, the thing which is prevalent in Indian villages has successfully made its way to the European lifestyle.

 A Czech company named Yoni recently posted a video about a “revolutionary” new product called the Raw Toothbrush, full of ~ minerals and vitamins ~.

Stating the numerous benefits of ‘Daatun’, the company posted the video on their Facebook page.

Watch the video here:

Of course, people immediately started calling them out for waking up a few thousand years late to the benefits of using ‘miswak’.

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