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Yogi Government has turned the Table for Boys! The Ball is in Girls Cort now

With high maintenance in the state, Yogi Adityanath has done it right. With his decision on ‘Romeo squad’ things are really lightening for female members of the society. Earlier the scenario had a different eye to the world but now no men have an excuse to even stare at the woman for a bit.

Experiences rate for women have never decreased as in for so many years but now a little step has made the parents widen their approach towards to their daughter’s safety. Here general viewpoints of every parent for their female member in the family but with days’ passing with the new government, are things improving?  The answer is a definite yes.

Certain advice what every parent gave to her daughter in general, when stepping out from home is very common, starting with  ‘ beta jaldi lkautna’ to ‘sambhal ke jana’, even the deadliest ones like ‘andhera hone se pehl laut ana’. Still, my sister get calls from our grandparent that do not eat whatever someone stranger offers you, he’s not your friends, don’t talk to the strangers etc, but I feel is there concerns worthwhile, yes they were and they will always be unless you live in Uttar Pradesh.

Things have lightened up a bit there, as new chief minister Yogi Adityanath  #bringachange orders have brought a revolution across the state, the state which was unsafe and uncertain for the weaker yet the strongest part of the society has now developed and brought light for them. Where parents advised their girls to be safe now their boys are on the radar , so they are being adviced over the same.

Days have the women waited for them to walk bold and men  who used to be termed as the ‘machos’ of the society have become the should be safe sections now. Parent’s advice your kid to be secure as the ‘Romeo Squad’ is on lease to catch the molesters on loose.

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