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Yog guru Baba Ramdev’s Wrestling Moves leave Olympic wrestler flat on the mat.

Aamir Khan’s critically-acclaimed film Dangal seems to have inspired yoga guru turned Ayurvedic entrepreneur, Baba Ramdev. Because on Wednesday, Baba Ramdev flexed some muscles, tightened his grip and defeated the 2008 Beijing Olympic silver medalist Andrey Stadnik in a promotional match for the 2017 Pro Wrestling League (PWL) in New Delhi. Baba Ramdev was sporting his trademark saffron langot and a pair of super cool running shoes.

Before the bout commenced, the Baba performed the Surya Namaskar and then walked on his two hands. He defeated Stadnik 12-0. Describing Baba Ramdev’s moves as “technical”, the Hindustan Times reported that he used various moves such as the take-down, one-leg hold and pinning down. The match being promotional, Stadnik good-naturedly allowed Ramdev to have his way. After about two minutes, Stadnik surrendered.

After winning the match, Ramdev celebrated by shouting, “Bharat mata ki jai! Vande Matram!” In 2016, Ramdev had challenged Indian wrestler Sushil Kumar to a bout on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the founding of his Ashram in Haridwar.

Check out the video of the Stadnik bout above.

(With inputs from ANI)

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