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Wrestler Sakshi Malik Engages in Talks with Union Sports Minister Anurag Thakur Following Government’s Invitation

In a significant development, renowned Indian wrestler Sakshi Malik recently arrived at the residence of Union Sports Minister Anurag Thakur in Delhi. The meeting was organized after the government extended an invitation to the protesting wrestlers, including Sakshi Malik, to discuss their concerns and find a resolution. The event marked an important step towards addressing the grievances of the wrestling community and fostering open dialogue between athletes and the government. This article explores the context, significance, and potential outcomes of the talks between Sakshi Malik and Union Sports Minister Anurag Thakur.


Over the past few months, the wrestling community in India has expressed discontent and raised several issues pertaining to their sport’s management and support from the government. Wrestlers have voiced concerns regarding inadequate infrastructure, lack of financial assistance, and limited access to training facilities. Additionally, there have been demands for better coaching, enhanced medical and nutritional support, and improved career prospects for athletes beyond their competitive years.

The government’s invitation to wrestlers, including Sakshee Malik, demonstrates a willingness to engage in a constructive dialogue and address these concerns. Sakshi Malik, a prominent figure in the wrestling fraternity, has won accolades for her achievements in the sport, including a silver medal in the 2018 Commonwealth Games. Her presence at the meeting signifies the significance and urgency attached to resolving the issues faced by wrestlers across the country.

The Talks:

The meeting between Sakshi Malik and Union Sports Minister Anurag Thakur aimed to create a platform for the wrestlers to voice their grievances and discuss possible solutions. During the talks, participants explored a range of topics, including infrastructure development, financial support mechanisms, athlete welfare, and coaching programs. The government sought to understand the challenges faced by wrestlers and their expectations from the authorities to address these concerns effectively.

The discussions were expected to be comprehensive and inclusive, with the participation of wrestling associations, coaches, and experts from the field. The objective was to gather diverse perspectives and devise a roadmap for the upliftment and growth of wrestling in India. The talks provided an opportunity for the government to gain valuable insights and propose strategic measures that align with the athletes’ needs.

Potential Outcomes:

The talks between Sakshi Malik and Union Sports Minister Anurag Thakur hold immense potential to effect positive change within the wrestling community. Some possible outcomes may include:

Policy Reforms: The discussions may lead to the formulation of new policies or the revision of existing ones to address the concerns raised by wrestlers. This could involve increased funding for infrastructure development, the establishment of specialized training centers, and the creation of athlete-friendly initiatives.

Enhanced Support Systems: The government might announce measures to improve financial assistance, medical support, and post-athletic career prospects for wrestlers. These initiatives could offer a holistic support system that nurtures athletes throughout their journey.

Collaboration and Training Programs: The talks could result in collaborations between the government, sports authorities, and wrestling associations to develop robust coaching programs, exchange programs with international athletes and coaches, and skill development initiatives.

Increased Awareness and Visibility: The dialogue itself serves as a platform to raise awareness about the challenges faced by wrestlers and the broader sporting community. It helps draw attention to the need for systemic changes and facilitates better understanding among stakeholders.

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