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Wow!! Sofia Hayat Breaks Stereotype – Engaged With A Younger Beau

Last year, Sofia Hayat announced that she had become a nun and will never get married or have sex or children. She said that everyone is her children as she is the holy mother.

On 2nd March 2017, she posted a photograph on her Instagram page and announced her engagement. Many people were sceptical of the truth but she finally posted photos with her fiancé and revealed his identity.


She also shared pictures, in which she is seen wearing a red lingerie and posing with her fiancé in a sexy look. She captioned it, “I love my beautiful fiancé. Always and forever..infinitely across all dimensions. I surrender to you. You are my heart. You are are are me..we eat the same..think the same and love unconditionally…@stanescu.association


In an interview given to a newspaper, she stated, “My fiancé name is Vlad Stanescu. He is an Interior Designer from Romania. He is extremely creative and so talented. He has worked on many palaces. He remembers the smallest of things that I say, the things I like, what makes me smile, and then he does more of those things because he says that if he makes me happy and smile, and makes my life easier, it makes him happy”.


When asked about the proposal she said, “it was a mutual thing, he said to me, I love you so much that I would marry you now, I said yes, he then formally proposed, and I said yes, two days later we got a ring”.

Recently, both of them took a cupping therapy together and shared the picture on Instagram.


About the announcement, she made last year of becoming a nun she said, “At the time, that was my truth, now this is my truth. I was not lying when I said that. That is what I was then. An easy way of explaining this is, some people get married because they love that person, then some people get divorced because they no longer have that love for that person. That does not mean they were lying when they first fell in love.”

On her marriage plans, she said, “We are getting married on the April 24 this year. Our ceremony is the blessing of all as one, Hindu, Muslim, Gnostic, Christian, Buddhist and Tibetan. The all, true divinity by an ancient Egyptian High Priestess who served me when I was Goddess Isis. We have already had our Islamic wedding.”

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