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Wow! Now Go For A Ride In These Special Cab if You Love Spending Time With Your Pet

If you are pet lover then moving around with your pet and conveyance is the main problem. Travelling in a cab is so convenient, right? You can go from one place to another in a comfortable cab ride instead of being riding an auto and bearing the harsh weather.

Now, what if I tell you that there is a new cab service in the market especially for pets. This cab service is launched for pets and can help you to take them anywhere without any hassle.

A couple in Pune was taking care of 12 puppies six months ago which they found abandoned in the office parking lot. Aditya Mahkaria has a 40 years’ experience of running a cab business and Priya Kailad has worked in animal welfare. It was Priya who took the responsibility of finding a new home for these puppies and give them for adoption. Out of twelve, eleven of them, later on, got adopted.

It was at the time of taking them from one place to another, finding them good homes and making Shure about their safety that both of them realised that how costly this process is.

Talking to a daily, Aditya explained that while taking the furry pets they have to take a cab, drop them on their location and after that have to send the cab for cleaning as due to their fur the customers might find the cab dirty. It was a long and expensive process.

It is then Priya came up with an idea of a cab, especially for pets. They have faced a lot during the process of adoption and Aditya having decades of experiencing in cab helped them create ‘Petxi’.

“It’s a no profit, no loss policy we follow for rescue services. During our tussle with adoption, we understood how tough it could be to get a vet during emergencies, which is why this became a part of the services we provide. We charge ₹12/km, which barely covers the fuel, car maintenance, and the driver’s salary. It’s a no profit, no loss policy” said Aditya.

This is the only service of this type in Pune and is mostly intra- city. Priya while talking about the management of dogs in the cars said, “Travelling long hours, huddled up in a car can make them very uncomfortable. We advise our customers not to go beyond 4-5 hours. They might feel stuffy if kept cooped up in a car for long travelling hours.”

Our pets deserve the same treatment as a family member and this pet service just make peoples worries go away. They keep a track of these pet’s rides via GPS and let us not take any more tension for them. This is a great initiative by both of them and should be praised for their work.

By – Parul Kulshrestha

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