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No Fear No Favour

WOW ! Giethoorn in Netherlands is such a beautiful place to visit.

Whenever we have to travel within a city, road is the only route for covering any distance.But a village known as Giethoorn in Netherlands has no roads.Yes, you have heard right.

A pretty village which has no roads is situated in Netherland  and is inter connected by a wide spreadcanals.The village which is fully accessible only by boats, also has about 180 bridges.

The village was founded by a group of refugee from the Mediterranean region around AD 1230, the Giethoorn village became quite famous after Dutch filmmaker Bert Haanstra made a movie called Fanfare in the year 1958 showcasing the village.


The village is also known as ‘Venice of the Netherland’.It is a popular destination for Chinese tourists and is chosen for peace and serenity.

There are also individuals boats which are rented.This place is miles away from noisy traffic and polluting cars.

A cycling path has however been built in the village which reportedly has a population about 2,600 people.

Now, whenever you are planning for Europe trip, don’t forget to visit Giethoorn.

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