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World’s most bizarre protest, Why can’t PM Modi sense it ?

Jantar Mantar is a place which is more famous for protesting rather than wandering in it.

For the past 37 days, there has been huge protest by Tamil Nadu farmers at Jantar Mantar.

The kind of protest done by farmers of Tamil Nadu has been different from the past protests.

They have used several strategies to attract the attention of the government by wearing skull, conducting mock funerals to even stripping at Raisana Hill.

To gain more attention, a man dressed as Prime Minister Narendra Modi lashed out at the farmers with a whip. Behind this action, the farmers said the idea was to show centre’s insensitivity to sticky wicket.

One of the farmers at the protest naming P. Ayyakkannu said  “By ignoring us, it is like Modi is whipping us and trying to beat us out of the Delhi..Sometimes I think if we get arrested it might be better and Jail would be better than this”.

The protest is all about waiving of the farmer loans as their crops were ruined in a severe drought and a subsequent cyclone.Their loans from cooperative banks have already been written off under the orders of the state government and the Madras High Court.They have also asked for revised drought packages, that would allow them to buy seeds for their next harvest cycle and also compensate their losses.

Though, the farmers have already discussed the issue with Finance Minister Arun Jaitley, Water Resource Minister Uma Bharti, Home Minister Rajnath Singh and Agriculture Minister Mohan.But the demand of farmers is to meet PM Narendra Modi as well

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