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Work From Home: An underrated concept

Life in a metropolitan city is tough and ruthless. As far as the corporate world is concerned, a concept which relieves the pressure of workload and provides enough freedom to work creatively, without any boundations, is called ‘work from home’. It is a concept, in which an employee has the flexibility of choosing the position of the working hour in the day, and does the work from home(or anywhere else, where he will feel comfortable and good), within that working hour.

It promotes balance between professional life and personal life, and at the same time, the work of the company allotted to you also meets its success. It saves the cost of electricity, space and other resources in the office(employee is not going to the office), as the employee has the liberty to work from anywhere, in the workplace. The respective concept is associated with increased productivity, as the employee is working in his own personal space. The intensity of work will be directly proportional to the money, you get.

As far as the education aspect is concerned, by working from home, you can even update your qualification skills and work, in unison. It even helps a company to get an insight into the places, where their different employees are working for it, as each employee represents its local area, where he lives. As far as the disadvantages are concerned, all the jobs cannot be incorporated in this concept, especially the job that require the technical standards to get the respective work fulfilled.

In India, people take the concept of “work from home”, for granted. As they think that their real progress will not be able to get monitored by the company, due to which the lazy mindset is prone to make excuses. The jobs in India, which lay down prominently on the bed of “work from home” are, social media manager, blogger, freelance writer, web developer, call center representative, travel agent, translator, and medical transcriptionist and virtual assistants. The companies that provide this respective concept are, Hilton, Dell, Transcom, Intuit, Concentrix, Amazon, and Liveups, etc.

Some stories of ‘Work From Home’ are- “I recommend this site to everyone. I can’t believe how quickly I found the perfect position for myself! I am a stay-at-home mom, and I was actively looking for a position that was remote and flexible, so I would not have to pay for daycare for my kids. With previous hotel experience, I read the description for the Hospitality Softnet position and knew it was the job for me! Now I work a flexible position at home, and I am loving every minute of it!”,Melanie C.,( Hired at Hospitality Softnet as Report Writer), said. “I am divorced with two small boys. I also am working on completing a bachelor’s in computer science. Working from home complements my life completely. FlexJobs was invaluable in my job search. I tell everyone about FlexJobs!” ,Brittany S., (Hired at Conduent as Customer Care Senior Assistant), said. “work from home”, is a concept, which is often taken for granted and inclined towards the zone of a casual nature, in India, but if we take this concept seriously, it has organic benefits, which would be celebrated and rejoiced forever. So at last, it would be more ethical to say that every concept has its own pros and cons, so it depends upon our perspective, that how do we take it.

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