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Woman goes missing at RR Beach in Visakhapatnam, finally traced in this city

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July 29, 2022 (New Delhi): A married woman went missing from a beach in Andhra Pradesh’s Visakhapatnam, but there is nothing to panic as a filmy twist has now surfaced and she is ‘safe’ with her boyfriend in Bengaluru. Sai Priya had gone for a walk on ‘RK Beach’ on Monday evening with her husband Srinivas on their wedding anniversary, then suddenly disappeared. Husband Srinivas felt that she got swept away in the water with the waves of the sea and she must have drowned.

Srinivas had filed a complaint about his wife drowning in water. He said that the two were separated for a while and his wife Sai Priya had gone to the sea to wash her feet but did not return. Tried to find him for two days, but despite all the efforts, he did not get anything.

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Inspector Rama Rao of the city’s Three Town police station said that on Wednesday, Sai Priya’s family members received Sai Priya’s voice message on WhatsApp saying, “Main Sai Priya speaking, I am alive and Ravi (boyfriend)”. I’m fine with We both love each other for a long time, got married, don’t worry about us, don’t try to find, I’m tired of running away, if you put more pressure, I will do something. I want to apologize to the police and administration. Don’t harass Ravi’s family, it’s not their fault.”

Picture Credit: Internet

Her mobile call data to the police is indicating that she is in Bangalore with her boyfriend. Srinivas and Priya were married two years ago, Priya lived in Visakhapatnam in the name of computer coaching. Both of them were not happy with each other, because Sai Priya was in love with Ravi. However, sources say that the administration spent about Rs 1 crore in this search operation.

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