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Why the New corona variant is spreading so fast? First, locally transmitted cases of Omicron are found in US and Australia.

The new variant of corona Omicron was first detected in South Africa, this has created a lot of Fuzz in the world. The EU health agency has warned that it can cause more than half of Europe’s cases in the coming few months. All over the World was already in concern amid the spread of this new variant. That now Omiron is found in the US also.

As per the recent reports, it was speculated that Omicron has also spread in America. In addition, Australia becomes the first with locally transmitted cases. The United States and Australia announced their first locally transmitted cases of Omicronvariant.

The World Health Organisation has concluded that it can take weeks to find out whether Omicron is more transmissible and whether it can cause more extreme infections. They also need to find out whether the current treatments and vaccines that we have are usable against them or not.

In India, many governments have detected cases of the new variant. India is also one of the countries which were hardly hit by the previous corona pandemic since it emerged approximately two years ago. Along with the United States and Australia, the Omicron variant is also found in Los Angles and New York.

Most of the countries have already started taking necessary precautions to control the spread of the new corona variant Omicron. Various restrictions are imposed on travel rules. RT-PCR test reports have become a must everywhere.

Written by Shivangi Chawla

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