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Why Pub Owners Should Stop ‘Look Attractive And Get Free Drinks For Women’ Scheme!

Imagine what if men got free entry and women were asked to stand in queue for hours just to enter in the parties. No way! Women probably never agree to it. Today women champion their independence and their ability to succeed. But the basic rights are not only for women, this a gender-based violence that a girl could enjoy free drinks and the relief for one day without taking out a single penny from their glittering purse. Although this marketing strategy used commonly in all the bars and restaurants.

Somewhat this is partly for all the men who want get free drinks for at least one day. It’s an unfair assessment of men’s intentions on a night out. Equality means where men and women should be treated the same but the bar’s policy has no such rules and rights. The marketing strategies of bars and clubs state that getting in free gives more chances of having women which give men an incentive to go. The more girls at the clubs, the more boys would pay or they won’t give a shit if women aren’t there. And if they made it equal they would have a sausage fest party(18+ joke).

The Saturday nights may consider as the ladies night grapples their favourite cocktails and rocking the dance floor making moves whereas men paying off the bills for every drink and so not become a sausage fest!

By: Rinki Chauhan.

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