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Why Is Bollywood Promoting Stalking And Harassment In The Name Of Love?

The latest song “Hans Mat Pagli” from Akshay’s upcoming movie ‘Toilet: Ek Prem Katha’ is basically a video where Akshay’s character is stalking Bhumi’s character in the movie.

Several scenes in the song are where we can see Akshay’s stalking behavior as he’s following Bhumi’s character everywhere.

He just doesn’t stalk her; he also takes photos of her without her consent.

Well, the creepiest part of the video is when he hides in a tree to take photos of her, while Bhumi has no idea that she’s being stalked.

The heroine clearly didn’t like the stalking behavior of the hero but the hero never quits.

And all this is okay because in Bollywood it’s alright to approach the woman this way.

Check out the creepy song:

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