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No Fear No Favour

Why Indian Men And Women Agreed To Marry Someone? Has The Answers! surveyed 6,800 people — 47% of who were women and 53% men — and found that only 3% of the women respondents said ‘sense of humour’ was the first thing they notice in a prospective partner. What do they notice, then? Rise in applause ye Poo fans — they care about good looks, good looks, and good looks. Fifty three percent women surveyed said that the first thing about a man that attracts them is his physical appearance. The second (21%) is how successful he is.

Turns out that 64% of men said that the first thing that impresses them in a woman is what she looks like. However, among the men, sense of humour in a woman (17%) was more important than ‘success’ (13%).
Now we are not sure what meant by ‘success’, but it seems a lot of men aren’t immediately attracted to women who seem to fall in that category.

However, trifles aside, the survey gives us the key to landing a partner — something no amount of hashtag-able qualities and travelling abroad possibly can. Only Karan Johar had said the same 16 years back in his visceral documentary on the marital ceremonies of India, called Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham. The abstract for this delightful piece of research — it’s all about loving your parents — rings true, thanks to this new survey.

When asked what made them confident that they were choosing the right partner, 56% Indian men and 72% Indian women said, it was their parents’ approval. Not intellectual compatibility or a stable career. And since that has been found to be the primary deciding factor, guess how men and women surveyed realised it’s time to get hitched? By considering their age. Only 9% women and 12% men surveyed said they’d get married when they were ready for it. Well hello biological clock!

And an ‘ideal courtship period’ according to a majority of men and women should ideally last for two to three months.
Phew. The sanskar is alright.

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