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Who is the monkey here? Man slapping monkey video shows the height of animal cruelty!

One disturbing footage has gone viral on the Internet where one man is luring monkey with food before slapping it hard in the monkey’s face.

The video was uploaded by youtube comedy channel shows the crazy man(Pathetic, is more appropriate here) reach his hand closer to the monkey, it creeps closer to man’s hand to investigate. Then, the crazy man swings his right arm at monkey so hard that the animal jumps off the fence and ran away.

Others were laughing in the background as the monkey fall backwards.The video was shot at Mandore Gardens in Jodhpur.

Head of International Animal Campaigns Kieran Harkin, told MailOnline: ‘This video shows a sad and shocking case of cruelty. The footage is both brutal and totally mindless’.

‘Sadly cruelty like this still occurs but it is important to spread the message that this sort of behaviour is unacceptable and barbaric.’ said Kieran Harkin.

Can we stop Animal Cruelty here!

Watch the video here:

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