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WhatsApp Update: Now you can send messages offline and 30 photos at once.

Everyone’s favourite online messaging app just added a whole host of convenient features. Yes, Whatsapp’s quest to continuously fend off assault from competing services and add to its feature list is only making it more relevant to its existing user base. And the ability to send messages even when you’re offline is its latest headlining act.

Yes, Whatsapp (at least in its iOS avatar) now has the ability to queue up messages you’ve already typed when you lose Internet coverage and push them out as soon as you’re back online. Until now, Whatsapp demanded you tap on the ‘Send’ button to resend messages that failed to deliver whenever you lost coverage due to erratic phone connection.

Whatsapp for iOS also offers a new ‘storage usage’ feature which makes it easier to delete messages and clear space on your iPhone. You can access this feature by going to Settings > Data and Storage Usage > Storage Usage, and tap on ‘Clear Chat’.

Whatsapp for iPhone also supports sending 30 photos at once, something that Android users started to enjoy earlier this month itself.

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