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What?? These people are thanking Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh and his supporter

Ahead of Haryana High court decision on self-proclaimed godman, Ram Rahim Singh, on a rape case which dates back to 2002, the Haryana government, to avert any violence, ordered the state schools, banks, government offices to remain closed. Haryana government also put a halt on the internet and messaging services for 72 hours to avoid any carnage by the supporters, but system administration failures were seen as Baba’s supporters take control over the streets and went amok.

However, an unusual trend is now being seen on the internet as people are praising the supporters of self-proclaimed godman who had shown their cricketing skills on the streets, with balls replaced with stones. The people, mostly the school children, had poured their love to Baba’s supporter as the schools are closed.

Talking to one such student, our correspondent asked if she feels like to go to school, to which Anamika replied that her mother doesn’t allow her to take a leave and this is the pretty much the good thing. “My mother is not lenient over school holidays, but she is not allowing me to take a leave. And with these protestors on road, and government order to shut down school is a boon for me, at least”

Talking to another victim on the same, Amisha, who is working in the government office in Gurgaon (now Gurugram), had a mixed reaction on the same She hails as well as criticized the government decision of shutting down the offices. She says, “I wanted a much-needed break for myself, which I haven’t had for last two 4 days.” Adding further, she said, “You know, it would be a hectic journey for me as the internet service is down and also, I live in a far away town from the office. So how would I pass my time? Above all, now I have to wait to update my Snapchat stories and Instagram pics… Ghosh!! these protestors.” Though, it’s quite clear with how much dedication these government sector works.

Talking to another student who is pursuing mass communication in Noida, he said, “The government decision is good… Sensing the situation, government did the good thing”

(This article is purely a work of fiction. Readers are advised not to take it seriously)

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