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No Fear No Favour

What is expected from Beijing’s enforcer..says ‘John Lee’ as Hong Kong’s new leader.

Edited by: Aashish Vashistha

In Picture:John Lee(Getty Images)

15 May 2022,(New Delhi) : This week, pro-Beijing hardliner John Lee was elected as Hong Kong’s new leader, replacing Carrie Lam. The 64-year-old former security chief ran uncontested in the chief executive election, and was essentially handpicked for the role by a mostly pro-Beijing election committee.With China increasingly clamping down on Hong Kong, his appointment is a clear indication of Beijing’s desire to keep the city on a tight leash, say analysts.

John Lee’s background is that of a policeman, a law enforcer,” says Ian Chong, a political scientist at the National University of Singapore.He points out that Mr Lee oversaw the crackdown on Hong Kong’s 2019 protests, and the introduction of the controversial national security law which prohibits acts of treason, secession, sedition or subversion against China.

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