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WFI Chief Brij Bhushan Accused of Making Advances; Police Chargesheet Supports Testimony with Matching CDR Locations

Police Chargesheet Based on Investigation into Sexual Harassment Complaints by Six Prominent Wrestlers

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The Delhi Police chargesheet against former Wrestling Federation of India (WFI) chief and BJP MP Brij Bhushan Sharan Singh includes two photographs allegedly showing him making advances towards one complainant, phone location matching a witness testimony, and event photos confirming his presence during an alleged incident of sexual harassment. However, no Visitor’s Register or CCTV footage was available at the WFI office on Ashoka Road, Singh’s home and the location of at least two harassment incidents, according to the complaints.

Brij Bhushan Sharan Singh at the Constitution Club in New Delhi on Thursday. (PTI)

Singh is accused of sexual harassment, molestation, and stalking under Sections 506, 354, 354 A, and 354 D of the Indian Penal Code. The chargesheet includes four photographs provided by the Wrestling Federation of India (WFI) showing Singh making advances towards the complainant in a foreign country (Kazakhstan).

The chargesheet examined wrestling event photographs and Call Detail Records of witnesses to establish Singh’s presence at the locations mentioned in the complaints filed by five out of six victims.

Here are the rewritten sentences:

  1. Wrestler 1: Allegations: After winning a medal, the coaches introduced me to Brij Bhushan. There, he attempted to forcefully hug me while I tried to push him away. Evidence: Two photographs clearly show Singh making advances towards the complainant, supporting the allegations. The technical evidence, including photographs and videographs of various events, confirms the accused’s presence.
  2. Wrestler 2: Allegations: I visited the WFI office with my coach. Singh, who was sitting on a chair, asked me to sit down. When I informed him about my injury, he offered help but demanded a physical relationship in return. Evidence: On the day of the alleged incident, the complainant’s coach was present near the office location, as indicated by his mobile tower location data.
  3. Wrestler 3: Allegations: While standing in the last row for a team photograph, Singh stood next to me and touched my buttock. He forcibly held me when I tried to move away. Evidence: WFI provided colored photographs of the event, showing the complainant in the front row with other wrestlers. These photographs also feature Brij Bhushan, confirming his presence and supporting the allegations.
  4. Wrestler 4: Allegations: While I was lying on the mat, Singh approached me and without my consent, lifted my T-shirt, touched my breast, and slid his hand down my stomach to check my breathing. Evidence: The complainant is seen standing with other wrestlers, including Brij Bhushan, in the provided photographs, establishing their presence at the location of the incident.
  5. Wrestler 5: Allegations: Singh pulled me towards him by my shoulder under the pretext of taking a picture with me. I tried to move away to protect myself. Evidence: WFI provided six colored printouts of championship photographs, clearly showing the presence of the victim and the accused at the event.
  6. Wrestler 6: Allegations: Singh made me talk to my parents on the phone and then forcefully hugged me without my consent when I approached his bed where he was sitting. Evidence: The photographs provided by WFI demonstrate the presence of the accused and the complainant at the event.

(Note: The last statement about the visitor register and CCTV cameras not being present at the WFI office remains unchanged.)

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