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No Fear No Favour

“We live in fears,” Divya Dutta opens about SheWings initiative on #YesIBleed

SheWings initiative of #YesIBleed witnessed the remarkable personalities from around country; the major highlight remains the Union Minister for Women & Child Development Maneka Gandhi, Bollywood actress Divya Dutta, patron SheWings Subhodh Gupta among others. Giving the 20 mins long speech in the event, which was held in the PDH chambers of commerce, Delhi, Union Minister speaks the need for the use sanitary napkins and why the Indian government doesn’t keep the sanitary pads in the zero percent tab.

Divya Dutta, Bollywood actress, who had worked in countless numbers of movies in both regional and Bollyoowd also shared her view on the menstrual hygiene, she says, “We are seeing a positive change in the society. We can now easily say in our workplace that I am having a stomach ache. Now, this has become an open topic of discussion. One of the Bollywood star has made a movie out of it, Padman, which was banned in some countries because it talks about the topic which they think is not of much use.”

Divya Dutta also remembers the day when she first encountered that problem in childhood, she said, “I remember the day when I have a period for the first time. I am into pain and bleeding, then I went to my mother and said that I will die with this pain. She smiled and said not to worry, its natural. She made me understand what I am going through; thank god she is a gyno.”

Adding further, she said, “Hearing me and my mother talking, my grandma called me and said now as you have grown, you have to follow the protocols, to not to enter in the kitchen, temple and other places.”

She adds further, that we live in fear of restrictions, she says, “We live in fears, vehem na jo jaaye, bhagwaan naraz na ho jaaye, we are not pure, we are not normal in these 5 days.”

Adding further, she says, “One day my mother asked me, are you pure? I said yes. Are you clean? I said yes. Then she said, go and sit in the havan.I was overjoyed with the gesture

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