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We all have heard of Good Friday and know that we get a day off from work, but what is it all about?

Good Friday is a key date in the Christian calendar, commemorating the day on which Jesus was crucified. It is one of the most solemn days in the Christian tradition. 3pm is the time traditionally given for Jesus’s death and this is the most solemn time of Good Friday. Therefore the main Good Friday services are usually held between midday and 3pm.

Many Christian denominations perform the Stations of the Cross on Good Friday. The Stations of the Cross is a devotional task made up of 15 images and accompanying prayers commemorating Jesus’s route to the Crucifixion. In Roman Catholic tradition it is a fast day.

In the Eastern and Greek Orthodox tradition, Good Friday is known as Great Friday.

The use of ‘good’ to describe Holy Friday can be confusing. However, ‘good’ is not being used in the sense of the opposite to bad. It is rather being used in the archaic sense of ‘holy’

Good Friday is celebrated  as Christians believe that Jesus’s death on the cross was a necessary step on the way to His resurrection – and that through His resurrection, Christians obtain eternal salvation. So it is a very important day in the Christian tradition

Good Friday is mainly celebrated by the Catholic Church as a fast day by having only one time full meal in small amount and two collations.

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