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Watch: Triple H groves his legs on Punjabi song with World Champion Jinder Mahal

After months of discussion about how Jinder Mahal became WWE Champion because of the company’s then-impending tour of India and what that meant only to see him lose the strap to AJ Styles a month before it happened, we thought it’d be nice to offer you some closer: Jinder Mahal went to India without the WWE Championship, got booed, and lost clean to Triple H. Hooray! Question mark?

It’s consistent with both Jinder Mahal’s character throughout the year and Triple H’s recent insistence on inserting him into everything from a Shield reunion to his favorite independent promotions shows to the Survivor Series main event, so it should come as both a surprise and totally not a surprise that he’d Pedigree Jinder to pieces in India. After the match, H said Mahal earned his respect — “India is in good hands with Jinder Mahal” — and even danced with him. Before, you know, also Pedigreeing the Singh Brothers.

You take what you can get. Here are a couple of fan clips of the moment, and results from the remainder of the show, if you’re curious:

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