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Watch: This white man speaks in Haryanvi and Hindi is the must watch of the day

But hey at least they’ve got one thing going for them. India frigging loves it when they attempt to say a few words in Hindi, or Gujarati or even better, Haryanvi.

Which is exactly how Karl Rock is killing it on social media at the moment.

A New Zealand native currently residing in Gurgaon, Haryana, he recognized just how happy the locals felt when he attempted to communicate with them in their native language. And the reasons he gave for trying to learn the language are quite touching –

“But mainly I’m self-taught because I believe if I’m staying here the best way to integrate into society is through the local language. I want to be able to chat with the phalwala, dudhwala, and everybody I met during my day.”

His ultimate goal is apparently to visit all 36 states and union territories that existed pre-independence. He’s been to 28 so far.

So what exactly inspired his love for our great nation?

“When I was 18, I fell I fell in love with Indian food. It began from there. I kept growing more and more interested in India until I finally visited in 2013 and fell in love with India. My stomach was definitely Indian in a past life. When I first landed in India, a local friend met me at the airport. That week he taught me how to survive as a foreigner in India.”

He has an entire YouTube channel called “India Survival Guide” targeted at foreigners to ease their stay in the country. Check out the entire video of him speaking in Haryanvi here.

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