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Watch: This Near Escape Of Death Of People Will Send You Chills To The Spine.

A botched landing of a helicopter in Austria sent people running for their dear life. They had gathered to watch the opening of a suspension bridge and got the shock of their life.

The pilot, while trying to land the chopper, came too close to the hangar and its rotor blades sliced through the roof.

The incident happened in May but a 19-second video of it has only come up on the Internet recently.

In the video, the chopper accidentally slit open the structure sending shards of metal flying towards the viewers. The joyful moment soon turned into a nightmare and the panic-stricken spectators ran for cover shortly after.

After the crash landing, the chopper burst into flames but the pilot escaped unscathed in the accident. No spectator was hurt in the tragic incident.

On the company website of the helicopter, the pilot said the accident happened because of a “parking mistake”.

Watch the crash unfold in the video below:

By: Anamika Bhaumik

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