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Watch: This is what happens when Shashi Tharoor takes Hindi language test

Known for his impeccable command over the English language, and has given Indians a run for their dictionary every time he tweets something, Mr Shashi Throor has set new bars in the language. His grip over the English language had also forced the dairy giant Amul topical to ask, “Tharooraurus anyone?” But what about his knowledge of the Hindi language? Confused, eh? Yes, it’s true.

Challenging him for a Hindi quiz, independent journalist known for his ‘Why so serious’ show, Akash Banerjee asked him to take a ‘chipp pill’ and define some of the Hindi words and phrases. From words like popat, laupad gamini and gulchhare to achhe din, Tharoor failed in a few and of course nailed some with classic elan and style. On the sidelines, he also flaunted his Hindi knowledge by defining table tennis in the language.

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