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Watch: Son throws off her ailing mother from terrace in Gujarat, arrested

In a shocking incident which would send the chills down to your spine is a man allegedly killed his ailing mother by throwing her off their terrace in Rajkot, Gujarat. In a hunt for the accused, the police nab down the son few days after he committed the crime. The CCTV footage reveals that the man, Sandip Nathvani, a professor, carries his mother to the terrace and runs back to his apartment in the building. A few minutes later, a man came running and informed Sandip about his mother lying on the ground.

At first, it was believed that Jayashreeben Vinodbhai Nathvani committed suicide by jumping off the terrace. The police had also registered a suicide case and closed the file. Later, the police received a letter which said that it could be a case of murder and not suicide. Upon interrogation, Sandip said, “My mother was going for sun obeisance and I was helping her.”

Police then checked the CCTV footage and found Sandip helping his mother climb up the stairs. “We found from the CCTV footage that Jayshreeben’s son was along with her when she jumped from the terrace and it’s not possible to commit suicide in the company of son. The role of the son has come under scanner,” DP Karanraj Vaghela said.

After checking the health records of the victim, the police found that she was unable to walk as she had recently been operated upon and it was impossible for her to jump off a 2.5 feet terrace railing. Upon being interrogated again, the accused said that he was tired of his ailing mother and decided to kill her.

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