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Watch: Man Crosses Delhi Metro Track, Driver Brakes in Time To Avoids Tragedy

A 21-year-old guy tried to cross the Delhi Metro track at Shastri Nagar just when the train had begun leaving the station. It was only because the driver of the train spotted him in time that a tragedy was avoided.

A concerned agency reported that Mayur Patel chose to cross from one platform to the other via the tracks instead of the overbridge. In a video, he can be seen casually crossing the track without much attention to the parked train. Panic struck just when he was about to climb onto the other platform and the train began moving. Patel tried to hoist himself on the track but failed with the train brushing against his body before halting. Detained and fined for the offence, it is reported that Patel told authorities that he did not know how to get onto the other platform.

Here is the video:

The penalty for crossing the tracks without lawful authority by Delhi Metro states imprisonment up to six months or a fine up to Rs 500 or both.

One of the problems Delhi Metro has had to face in past years has been people committing suicide by jumping in front of moving trains. Many stations on the network now have closed-door installations on platforms to ensure passenger safety.

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