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Watch: How A Drunk Man Runs Away With Cop’s Bike, Shouts ‘Rajnikant’

People tend to do offbeat things in a drunken state. While some of us have funny or embarrassing memories of our inebriated state, this man from Karnataka took his fun a bit too far. In what would make for a hilarious sequence in a Bollywood caper, a visibly drunk man whisked away with a cop’s motorcycle and his cap in broad daylight. The incident took place in Karnataka’s Hasan which was also recorded on a smartphone. The man riding the bike can be seen wearing the cap of the policeman and talking to fellow riders, giggling and laughing away, seemingly unaware that he had done anything wrong.

The man reportedly drove for a kilometre until he was finally stopped at a signal. Even at the signal, the cop had to run after his bike to make him stop. He even shouted “Superstar Rajinikanth!” at one point. Even after being caught the seriousness of what he’d done had obviously not struck the man as he continued to laugh and giggle.

“Drunk man attempts to run away with police bike in Karnataka’s Hassan, along with personnel’s cap. Police chased him for 1 km”, ANI tweeted along with the video.

Last month only in UP’s Shahhjahanpur, a groom was so drunk that he attempted pulling off the ‘naagin dance’ and was found crawling on the floor. It embarrassed her to be bride so much that she decided to call off the wedding just before the rituals were about to begin. The groom’s family tried to threaten her, plead her and tried almost everything, but, the woman did not move. The bride’s family also tried persuading her but she did not relent. Police was also called to the venue to avoid any violence.

(This report was published in inuth)

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