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Watch: Former nun Sofia Hayat shared love-making video with her husband on Instagram!

Sofia has been continuously sharing her views on sex, intimacy, and orgasm on social media. And now the actress has shared a video of herself making love to her hubby.

She captured their passionate moments, turned it into a music video and then posted it on her Instagram page.

Sofia Hayat wrote: “My new music video and song is out now! Om Shanti Om. Watch the full video on my YouTube channel exclusively!.”

Watch the video here:

If you are here check out her other pictures as well;

“Nothing is permanent. Everything is subject to change. Being is always becoming.” This is also why we talk about the practice of non-attachment. If we attach ourselves to something, we are desiring for it to be stable, which directly goes against the forces of the universe. “Impermanence is a principle of harmony. When we don’t struggle against it, we are in harmony with reality.” You are being asked to step out of the false safety of the program of permanence. Interesting how something you have been told becomes you. Your nature is ever evolving infinite and yet you are taught age..when the molecules in your body don't are taught to settle down..when you are meant to fly and not be ate taught time is linear when it is are taught so many things that have become your anchored beliefs and attachments..spread your wings..try..and you might find that you can fly beyond your wildest dreams..i am not referring to material gains..they are easy.. I am talking stuff that you were taught was not possible.. like flying…like God is here in you with you..I Am here now..I am have infinite try it.. You can fly.. You..with wings..really… Namaste salaam. Gaia Mother Sofia Allah

A post shared by Sofia Hayat (@sofiahayat) on

A post shared by Sofia Hayat (@sofiahayat) on

A post shared by Sofia Hayat (@sofiahayat) on

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