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Watch: Failing To Pay The Bribe For The Wheel Chair, Woman Drags Her Husband Along The Floor

Every day we come across the heart wrecking news which sends the deep waves of aches to the hearts and wonders us to think ‘Where the world is heading to?’ Adding to the list is a bizarre incident in which an elderly woman had to drag her ill husband along the floor to get his scanning done as she was allegedly not provided with a wheelchair at a government-run hospital. In a report by IANS, the woman was denied a stretcher after she refused to pay a bribe for it.

In a video, Amir Saab, who is aged 75, is seen dragged by his foot along the floor by his wife Fameeda. The incident sparked outrage and forced the government to order an inquiry into it.

“I had to drag him from the general ward as I could not afford to give Rs 50 bribe to the hospital staff,” 65-year-old Fameeda told reporters.The incident occurred on May 31, at the state government-run McGann Hospital.

After requesting several times, his wife was not provided with a wheelchair.
“We were fed up after repeatedly asking for a wheelchair. No one gave it. So my wife dragged me outside. By then someone came. They raised their voice against hospital authorities and got us the wheelchair,” Amir Saab said

He said he has back pain after being dragged along the floor and also complained that doctors were not visiting “properly”.

According to the health department officials, they said “Amir Saab was admitted on May 25 due to some lung problem, breathing issues and swelling in the body. The physician after conducting tests had advised an abdomen scan on May 30”

Condemning the act and a demand to raise an enquiry hospital officials said, “The unfortunate incident should not have occurred as there were an adequate number of wheelchairs.”

“We have suspended nurses Asha, Chaithra, and Jyothi, and attendee Suvaranamma for not providing the stretcher to the patient,” McGann Hospital medical superintendent TB Satyanarayana told IANS.

Minister for medical education Sharan Prakash Patil, under whose department the hospital comes, has ordered an inquiry. Stating that he was “surprised” by the incident, Patil said he would ask for the report and take action against those responsible.

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