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Watch: ‘Carbon’ movie takes you to the future where the Oxygen will be a product.

We always have come across the question “What India would look like in 2060?” The answer has same pet dialogues, no corruption, cashless economy, electronic vehicles to be overtaken and those who still be using gas vehicles would be looked down as a third-class citizen, India is a superpower, Americans are now working for India, ₹ 1 is now equal to $60; But none of the conversation directs as how our environment will look like.

With the latest case of Bengaluru, where the lake spews venomous froth which took over to roads and many of the houses are alarming. This is just the beginning of the human kind to the apocalypse. And the short film, Carbon, is focusing on the same issues.

Starring Jackky Bhagnani and Prachi Desai in lead roles, the short film is directed by Maitreyi Bajpai and Ramiz Ilham Khan. The film has Nawazuddin Siddiqui in a small role. Set in 2067, the 25-minute film takes on the prevailing environmental issues and analyses the impact of high levels of pollution.

Showcasing the scarcity of water and oxygen and its adverse effect on the mankind, environment and the forthcoming generations, the futuristic film shows that there is a future where carbon will prevail. Being in a futuristic scenario, the short film shows the oxygen as a product, raising war like situation, unrest, and violence among human beings for survival and oxygen.

Set in this dystopian world, the film has Random (Jackky), a desperate man with an artificial heart, undertaking an illegal oxygen deal, that goes wrong. Nawazuddin Siddiqui is seen in a small role that leaves no impact. Yashpal Sharma is his usual self-playing an aggressive gangster as the oxygen smuggler while Prachi Desai is a robot, Pari.
The short film plays up the current socio-political equations and sets them in a world almost 50 years from now. The divide between rich and poor, human greed and spiraling environmental crisis are all well-placed in the narrative.

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