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Watch: African women involved in alleged racial attack on Delhi Metro, strip to protest

It’s been a little over a month when the reports of racial attacks on African-origin citizens made the international headlines. And instead of becoming better, the situation has gone down to becoming worse, and there’s no sign the situation will improve anytime soon.

 In the latest of the video which is going viral on social media platform is making the headlines. The video shows two African women, who were travelling in Delhi Metro, were being shouted down by a group of men in Delhi. The men, in the video, were demanding that the women be deboarded. The men could be heard shouting ‘bahar nikalo inhe, bahar nikkalo” (throw them out), while the women could be seen shouting back, “You want to fight? Let’s fight”.

 As the scuffle ensued, one African woman took off her shirt and challenged a man that she was ready to fight with him. The passengers were heard saying, “us ladke ki koi galti nahi hai (the man is not at fault).”

 The exact reason behind the brawl was unclear, however, a news report said the argument started after a man refused to give them seat that was meant for elderly citizens and differently-abled people. The women still demanded the seat, later the person gave them the seat. However, after they sat, a group of passengers started abusing them which aggravated the situation. The incident took place on Yellow line when the metro started moving from Green park. Metro authorities have not reacted to the incident. It is till unclear when the incident took place. It was uploaded on Youtube on May 3.


Watch the video here:


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