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Watch: 12-year-old Chinese boy steals bus for a 40-minute joyride.

It seems like passion can motivate a man to do anything anytime, irrespective of the fact how far it can go! A 12-year boy in China went for a joyous ride in the Guangzhou city without any hiccups. This young boy drove himself for good 40-minutes around in a bus that he allegedly stole!

This incident happened on Friday which has now gone viral on the Internet. The footage shows the boy driving the mighty bus all on his own. Equally shocked and astonished onlookers reported him to the police who only managed to catch him after the kid had enjoyed a 40-minute joyride across the busy city.

The boy thankfully didn’t hit any pedestrian. He boarded the driverless bus at the terminus in Zengcheng District and drove around for almost 10 km before the police managed to catch the mischief-monger. The bus company tracked down the bus and the boy down through the inbuilt GPS.

He was taken to the police station but no charges were filed against him given his age. The boy had no history of theft or violence. Hence it remains shrouded in mystery as to why the boy stole the bus.

Well, maybe he got bewitched. After all, who wouldn’t want to do something of this sort once in their life!

Watch the video here:

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