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#Warning You May Die If You Don’t Have Sex At least Once A Month, Says Research

The headline of the story may sound weird to you. Don’t worry it even sounded weird to the writer himself. You might be wondering that the writer is trying to sell the news with a creepy heading but trust us this is exactly what a Hindi leading daily reported on Monday. I am not goofing this up. According to the report, A man who doesn’t have sex regularly is vulnerable to death. It says those who have frequent sex have better life expectancy than those who have lesser sexual interactions in comparison.

According to the report published in the newspaper, these peculiar claims are a result of a research made by some organisation and the reports of which were published in British Medical Journal.

The news report even says that the researchers are very confident about their claims and stand by their findings.  It is good for men to have sex and it can cure cancer also. Though we are short of solid proof, there is a possibility that having quality sex can prevent cancer. The researchers further explained. Gosh, this is some strange revelation.

This is what the Hindi daily reported…

We are not in any capacity to verify the sources of the news. But if it’s believed to be true then good news for those who love to make love with their partners and bad news for the singles.

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