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Warning To Parents After Newborn Baby Girl Dies In Bed With Mother!

Mother’s arms are considered to be the safest place for kids. Warm and cozy, love of a mother showered in those precious moments. But in UK holding a baby in her arms just became a nightmare for a mother.
A mother was holding her baby in her arms to make her sleep when she was woken up by her screaming. The mother was feeding her meanwhile she felt asleep for three hours due to the tiredness of three while taking care of her.
When she woke up she noticed her daughter was lying face down next to her and not breathing. She rushed to the hospital but the doctors were not able to save her daughter.
The coroner Anne Pember said: ‘She was found lying on her front on the mattress. A post-mortem found evidence that her airway had been blocked. He also informed by setting aside the fault of the mother that, ‘This was an accidental death and the mother had no intention of falling asleep.
‘Very often, parents will carry their newborn babies to bed with no consequences, but the public must know about the dangers of holding babies in this way.
‘This is a very sad and untimely death, and the mother had no intention of falling asleep.’
After this incident a warning has issued in which it is suggested that a new born should not share bed with their parents as it increases the risk of sudden infant death syndrome.
In UK more than 300 new born died last year due to this syndrome. Even though the reasons are unknown but experts assume that while sharing the same bed with their parents new born develop a problem in a way to deal with their stress which eventually affects their heart rate, breathing and temperature.
The safest spot for infant sleep is on a firm surface such as a crib or bassinet without any soft bedding, bumpers or pillows.

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