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Wao! This Amazing Car Can Lift You Out of Traffic

Getting stuck in traffic has become a daily problem in people’s life in India and around the world. Every day people have to leave early so that they can reach office at time due to the bad traffic. The pollution and environment degradation are also a major concern.

In China, the situation is worse than India. In 2014, a traffic jam in China lasted for 14 days. Having a 50km long traffic jam is nothing surprising in China. Almost every country in the world is suffering through this and many innovators have been trying new methods to save our time in such situations.

One such innovator has come up with a car which grows in height and can cross over several cars. This was made to save time and without any inconvenience to other, a person can reach anywhere avoiding traffic.

Verizon modified an SUV to get way taller. The “Hum Rider” has hydraulic lifts in the wheels. This car should also be launched in India, China and other countries with similar traffic problems.

Watch the video and enjoy the amazing car. This video will surly make you want the car.

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