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Wanted To Have Eggs, Ends Up Ordering S*X Instead

Boldest what may define Riya Sen the best.

Famous for playing bold scenes in Bollywood movies, recent being the Sheena Bora in Dark Chocolate, the steamy bilingual based on the controversial murder case.

But sometimes, it is Riya who is the one initiating the conversation. Intrigued?

It happened when Riya was out at a popular eatery in Andheri. One of their famous offerings is the naughty cocktail, Sex On The Beach, which is made on request for the patrons.

But Riya was not feeling like a tipple. Instead, she was craving some eggs. Interestingly, the restaurant also offers Eggs On The Beach.

Now Riya was tired and the menu’s multiple offerings seemed overwhelming to her

So, when the waiter appeared to take down her order, Riya, being busy with the conversation with her dining partner, simply said, “Could I have some SEX please?”

Stun with the reply, the waiter looked on to Riya with red-faced, she realised her gaffe and repeated her order, “Could I have some eggs please?” Don’t know what to react, the waiter just stands still and gave a poker look, while Riya was bursting in laughter.

Her fellow patrons were left wondering about what made the actress guffaw. Well, we have told you the reason.

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