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Wangchuck Partakes Twenty-One Days Climate Fast; Women Groups To Begin The Second Leg Of Hunger Strike

Image Source: Times Of India

Sonam Wangchuck is an Indian reformist, who recently contributed to the ongoing protest climate fast chllenge. He initiated this protest with around mass of people by keeping twenty-one days of the challenge. He partook in the fast on his twenty-first day, & pledges to continue the hunger strike in the time to come. Wangchuk is a Leh based, all his life he’d been an engineer, and on the sideline he was also the entrepreneurial post. The director of an education system- Students’ Educational & Cultural Movement of Ladakh (SECMOL) that had been running on solar energy & used no fossil fuels for cooking, lighting, & heating.

Wangchuck next mission to continue climate fast

However, his ghastly contribution by keeping 21 days fast towards State Ladakh has taught people the responsibility towards their state and livelihood.

After sustained on salt and water for straight 21 days, activist Wangchuck ended his hunger strike but promised to be back with his another leg of protesting. The hunger strike protest, all this while led to press for statehood for Ladakh and the protection of the fragile himalayan ecology.

Wangchuck commenced this protest on 9th March with a mass of 7,000 peoplle this first leag of hunger strike will be continued by womens for ten days. Wangchuck’s hunger strike movement hit the people but this doing of him inspired by the character of Phsukh Wangdu from 3 Idiots, and compared his fasting with saying ‘ By the way, 21 days was the longest fast Gandhi ji kept,” activist said.’

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In his socials video, he claimed that, ‘I will back with 7,000 people who gathered today and would continue it for 21 days and that it could be “extendable till death”.

Besides, posted a video, in which he said in Hindi,’ today is an important day’. As per his next contribution to the protest, Women’s of Ladakh would take this protest for another ten days, followed by Buddhists monks. And then it could be he or the women’s who will keep continuing the cycle.

Look at this:

Earlier on Tuesday, Mr Wangchuk had urged the Union government to “show character” and meet the demands of the people of Ladakh. He pointed to a frozen glass of water and said 350 people had joined him in the fast despite temperatures dropping to -10 degrees Celsius.

“We are trying to remind and awaken the consciousness of our Prime Minister (Narendra) Modi and Home Minister Mr Amit Shah to safeguard the fragile ecosystem of the Himalayan mountains in Ladakh and the unique indigenous tribal cultures that thrive here,” the activist said in the video.”We do not want to think of PM Modi and Amit Shah ji as just politicians, we would rather like to think of them as statesmen but, for that, they will have to show some character and farsightedness,” he added.

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