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#ValentineWeek: First timers, Here’s a perfect advice which will make you a master in Kissing.

Valentines Day is around the corner and for the first timers it’s important to know the basics of French kissing. How to do it? Did i have to use a tongue ? How to do French kissing? all those questions are probably burning your mind at the moment. Don’t be confused, we will tell you the perfect way to kiss your girlfriend or boyfriend.

1. Privacy Is Important.

To kiss a girl/boy first and foremost important thing is ‘There should be enough Privacy. Don’t let Bollywood fools you, the first few second are usually are awkward as Hell, so to overcome the awkwardness it’s better to do it in private. The first kiss only gets better if you let it develop and grow. Remember, the first kiss has to be in Private Area!

2.Don’t Talk Between It!

I’m not saying that you should never talk about Kissing, Talking about kiss while chatting or talking over calls is perfectly normal and kids that’s called Flirting. But please don’t talk about talk about the kiss at that moment. Also, when you know there are chances that you may get kissed, just don’t mention it will probably ruin your chances and nothing else.

3. Just Relax!

The truth is everyone is little nervous before the moment. So the advice is Stay relaxed, be at ease and also make your partner comfortable. Important tip, don’t go very fast or rough on your partner for the first time. Just Keep it slow and smooth.

4. Romance is Important!

It’s quiet tough to kiss smoothly, if you didn’t hold your partner smoothly. Break the barrier between you and your partner and touch him/her gently. Hold his/her hand romantically while kissing. This will get you guys closer.

5. Slowly and Smoothly!

Once your kiss feels all comfortable and perfect, Now starts go little deeper. Actually this part is little tricky and can be done only if your partner is comfortable and is enjoying the kiss equally. Once you are sure, you can let the kiss go deeper and make it more passionate, use your tongue and touch .

6. Ask for permission

When you are about to kiss her do not ask her if you can kiss him/her, yes in the title i say ‘Ask for permission’ but only if you aren’t sure about it , otherwise go for it!. Be confident, if the moment us right, Just Do It!

Thank me later

By: Saket Sharma

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