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Uttarkashi Tunnel Collapse: Know how the entangled labours spend 16 days in Tunnel

The workers trapped inside the tunnel for the last 16 days were not informed about the difficulties of the outside world. They were encouraged all the time, so that they did not feel troubled. They used to listen to songs on mobile. They were also able to talk to family members through BNLL’s landline phone.

To maintain communication between the family members and the workers trapped inside, they were given freedom to go inside after completing some formalities. The family members were able to go inside the tunnel and talk to their people trapped inside. Saba Ahmed’s brother Nayyar Ahmed told that whenever he talked to her, he used to make her understand that everything was going well.

With the help of phone, he was constantly being informed about the well-being of Saba’s wife and three children. The family members sitting in Bihar were also encouraging Saba. The doctor’s team was talking to the workers for five hours in two phases, morning and evening.

Dr. Prem Pokhriyal says that he used to listen to the health related problems of every laborer. Medicines were being sent inside accordingly. He told that the workers were being advised to continuously drink ORS solution inside. Breakfast, lunch and dinner were also being sent to them on time.

He told that first energy drinks were sent to the workers, but then they were given complete food. The workers were doing yoga inside to keep themselves healthy.

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