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Urfi Javed – “My father use to beat me until I turned unconscious.” – Know More

It is not a new thing for Urfi Javed to remain in the limelight every day with her fashion. Urfi, who has become a fashion sensation, remains the target of people on social media due to her clothes and her statements. Even after being trolled badly, Urfi does not give up her style and often says that she does not mind trolls. But, recently Urfi revealed how her father used to beat her and how trolling hurts her.

Internet sensation and ex-Bigg Boss OTT contestant Urfi Javed grabs headlines for her eye-catching fashion choices and bold statements. In a recent podcast, Urfi Javed opened up and revealed how her father was very orthodox and used to beat her, how her mother got married at a young age, and how it was not easy for her to come here.

In the podcast, Urfi Javed revealed what she was like as a child. How were they treated at home? To what extent the father of the actress used to physically torture her? However, this is not the first time that he has spoken about his father and childhood. Urfi Javed said, ‘I was a confident child and I didn’t have any friends. I used to be very confused in my childhood.

When Urfi was asked why she gets affected once every three months, she said it is because of trolling. She said, ‘Maybe what the trolls say is right – maybe I am not fit to be a woman, maybe I am a blot on society, maybe I am a bad example for the younger generation. I can’t leave it all and even if I do, what happened will always be on the internet.’ Urfi further said, ‘Am I that bad? Maybe no one will accept me, no family will accept me.

Urfi reveals how his father was extremely conservative and how his mother had to raise five children at a very young age. Describing her traumatic childhood, she recalled how her father used to beat her to such an extent that she fainted, she says, ‘I was not close to my father at all. If one of the parents gets angry and that anger is being taken out on me, that is a different matter.

If you beat a child and understand that he becomes unconscious, then how will the child understand? When you turn back and cannot say anything, then he gets angry, and then at one point you say – it is done, man. When a child grows up and you hit him, it affects him deeply and leaves a negative impact.

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