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No Fear No Favour


By: Vikas Mavi

4 July, 2022 (New Delhi): Often, we have seen people look the other way when it comes to helping somebody. But there are some who rise to the occasion and do what is right. One such person is trending on social media. The man, a UP cop, in the viral video can be seen gifting a new pair of slippers to a person who was pulling a cart barefoot. The video of this act of kindness has gone viral. It was shared on Twitter by another UP cop, Mr. Shivang Shekhar. While sharing the video, he wrote, “Very nice and commendable job, we are always with you.” Within minutes of being posted, the video went viral, garnering over 17,000 likes on Twitter alone.

Restores faith in humanity

The UP cop has won the hearts of netizens. A few weeks ago, another video went viral, where in an act of kindness, another UP cop was seen cutting mangoes and sharing them with a monkey. These heart-warming pictures and videos restore our fate in humanity. Truly, kindness should be a religion for all. Like the UP Cop, a human who could not see another human suffering. The social media is full of praise for our MR.COP, and he truly deserve it.

” Hatts Off,” writes a Twitter user while retweeting the video. ” Bless you a thousand times,” wrote another user.  Given the recent happenings in the country, be it the Agnipath row, Maharashtra’s political crisis, or the horrific killings happening in the name of religion. There are some, some silent guardians, who, far away from the limelight, still continue to do good deeds, without worrying about the caste, religion, or class of the receiver. The unsung heroes are acknowledged, but it becomes the duty of us to acknowledge them, respect them, and cherish them, for they are the every day heroes of our society who are ever present but seldom get noticed.

While the video inspires some, it also inspires millions. like us, the video gives inspiration, and leaves a deep sense of awakening to do our bit to make the world a better place.  A society in which the underprivileged are not left behind, the poor feel included, and people help one another is one worth living in. This quote by Robert Ingersoll fits right in, “We lift by, lifting others.”

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