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No Fear No Favour

Unbelievable ! If you are a bike lover, don’t miss this you can drive a bike without a helmet.

Have you ever wondered what will be the future of automobile industry? That is a million dollar question today.

Luxury automobile BMW has given a glimpse of the future with ‘A New Era’ where they have shown how the BMW vehicles are going to be.

Have you ever thought, you can ride a bike without a helmet and you don’t have to place your feet on the road at every halt? Yes, German automobile maker BMW has made it viable as the motorcycle will be self-balancing, it took a tone of innovation and engineering to create a motorcycle that they say is safe and advanced and you don’t need to wear a helmet.

This is not a science fiction.This motorcycle is anything to go by, then the future looks a lot safer as well as greener too because the engine is emissionless.

The motorcycle has what BMW calls a Flexframe, which appears as a single unit, and moving the handlebars makes the whole frame change shape to help with the change in direction. Power the bike up and the BMW logo lights up in its iconic blue and white hues, and the engine, which was packed tight in the frame at standstill, now protrudes from the sides. According to BMW, this optimises aerodynamics and enhances weather protection.

Doing away with the need for a helmet means more gizmos to play around with. BMW unveiled Data Glasses that ensure a direct exchange between the motorcycle and rider. When the rider looks right ahead, there is no data displayed. Look away, or lean, and it shows you the angle of lean and the ideal line to correct it too.

By looking up or lowering their gaze, riders can access a plethora of functions like navigation, a menu, etc.If a person will point out finger towards right, then the bike will automatically indicate towards right and vice versa

Also in the package is an advanced riding suit that can cool you down or warm you up and also helps you navigate with vibrating elements on the arms and legs to guide direction change. The neck region of the suit fills with air at high speeds, for comfortably added support.

While the future has begun, with mobility that does more than simply transport.

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