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Unbelievable, Bugatti launched World’s costliest bicycle at 25 Lakh

The French car maker Bugatti, founded in 1909, is known for its high-performance automobiles.Bugatti’s cars which are known for their design beauty and for their many supercars.It is now owned by a German automobile group Volkswagen.This time they have come out with a very lightweight bicycle who’s price is equivalent to SUV car.

Bugatti has developed this new road bicycle in collaboration with world famous luxury bicycle company PG. The name of the bicycle is not very unique; it’s simply known as PG Bugatti.This is not the first time they have come together, they both have partnered in the past as well.

If we look at the design front, the makers have used carbon fiber material like its supercars.There is a strong reason behind this as this material helps keep the weight very low.This bicycle weighs less than 5KG. This makes it the lightest bicycle in the world. The company has used many other technologies to build shockers and aerodynamics tubing.

There are other couples of interesting facts like you can customize this match your style. You can include leather and special paint works.

The price of the PG Bugatti bicycle is like an SUV. You have to spend a hefty amount of money Rs.25,00,000  Approx to own it. This is really an awful to spend a lot of money on the bicycle.

The company will launch only 667 units. This limited edition bicycle will come in wide range of colors. The company also notes that the bike ‘is a piece of sports equipment which is not intended to be used on public roads’.

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