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Ukraine-Russia War Should End before it becomes “End Of The World”

Written By: Aashish Vashistha

In Picture: Ukraine President Zelensky (left) and Russian PresidentPutin (right).

May 26, 2022 (New Delhi): Ukraine-Russia War has affected all entire humanity brutally and the Russian President Vladimir Putin is actually seeking a way to save his reputation in the world, it is alleged that Putin has misused his power to invade Ukraine affecting the lives of innocent human beings. French President Emmanuel Macron’s words mark that Putin is saving himself from global “humiliation.” It is not hidden from anyone that the Russian troops unexpectedly retreated from northern Ukraine and they also faced a lot of military losses. The Russian Army has also given up the idea of destroying the Ukrainian state. They suffered far greater casualties than anyone expected, lost impressive quantities of equipment and military gadgets, and their planes got crashed but they have now regrouped in south-eastern parts of Ukraine, where their goals remain the same which is to invade and capture the Ukrainian territories. They seek to damage the army of Ukraine, wear out Ukraine’s international partners, and completely exhaust the Ukrainian economy, which is already contracted at half than earlier where people are seeking emergency requirements of food, water, safe places for protection, and basic amenities of life.

In Picture: French President Emanuel Macron and President Putin.

Also, it is eloquently understandable that the Russian foreign policy is full of propaganda, lies, and brazen dishonesty. As per many reports, In the run-up to the war, senior Russian officials repeatedly denied that they intended to invade Ukraine, Russian state television had always mocked the Western warnings of invasion as “hysterical,” and Mr. Putin himself has promised French President Macron that no war is coming. But none of that was true. No future promises made by the Russian state, so long as it is controlled by Putin, can be believed either. This nature of Putin only shows his utter whimsical nature and his disgusted ways of misusing power.

Picture Credit: Getty Images. (Destruction dur to Ukraine-Russia War)!

Earlier Discussions of Russia with Ukraine were all goes in vain. Russia does not really seem interested in adhering to multiple treaties it is theoretically obligated to follow, among them the Geneva Convention and the United Nations’ Genocide Convention. But there should be a certain way to reach a conclusion about this war and if there is a way then it should be to unveil the war crimes of Putin and his troops which affected global humanity brutally leading to human catastrophe. Ukraine’s economy is staggering and could grow worse, making the fight much harder or even impossible to sustain for its citizens.

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