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Twitter Is Trolling ‘Bromance’ Between Canada’s P.M. Justin Trudeau And Emmanuel Macron President Of France

Recently G7 summit was held in Sicily. World leaders are presently in attendance at this summit but one particular partnership grabbed a lot of attention yesterday – Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and President of France Emmanuel Macron. And their bonding was captured by the photographers. After seeing this picture people tagged them as ‘Bromance’

This ‘Bromance’ is grabbing all the attention of People and they witnessed and created memes befitting the meeting set in a romantic environment.

In fact, Many netizens were waiting for this moment to happen. After Macron won the French presidential elections, a significant number of global fans began comparing him to Trudeau and sent out their prayers into the universe, hoping that the two will one day meet and become the best of friends as we can see in the above pictures

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