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Train Driver Holds Umbrella To Avoid Leaky Water From Train’s Ceiling

It will be 70 years of India’s Independence in 4 days and we have covered a long walk of development, or do we? A picture is going viral on the internet where the driver of the train is seeing fighting the leaky ceiling of the train with an umbrella in one hand, and controlling the panel with the other.

What’s more depressing is the casual outlook of railways. How difficult is it to mend a leaky roof in the driver’s compartment in a train? It looks like much.

The driver was not at all concerned about his state, what made them about the concern is the panel being damaged putting lives of hundreds of passenger at risk. The speaker of the video illustrates the dismal state of the compartment, which has been leaking for years and is always covered with papers.

There is no space for the crew to even keep their bags! The government is apparently in deep slumber because nothing has been done to rectify the situation yet.

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